My Sennheiser HD 598 Headphones – Some Of The Best

How they Sound

My headphones produce an outstanding sound quality that feels natural, balanced and detailed. With this characteristic, they are not sound-isolating and they lack a hard-hitting bass. However, these headphones are open to sounds in the nearby environment and someone next to me can hear whatever I am listening to. This has been like a drawback to me because I cannot use them in public and silent places like a library. Instead, I use them in an isolated place like at home when watching a movie or listening to music.

Comfort Offered By My Headphones

The pleasant velour-covered ear pads together with the elegant burl wood parts on my headphone provide a quality finish. This, along with its light weight makes it very comfortable whenever I put them on my ears. Nonetheless, my Sennheiser HD 598 engineered headphones use aluminum voice coils which enable them to deliver low distortions to my ears. All these increase their comfort.

Why I Like My Headphones

As compared to my previous headphones, Sennheiser HD 598 headphones have much more incredible advantages that tend to out-compete those of the previous headphones. Some of these immense advantages include:

  • They are compatible in very many different audio tech-devices like phones, computers, laptops and tablets. This is unlike the previous headphones.
  • They are cheaper and more affordable than the previous headphones.
  • When I first bought my current headphones, a 2-year warranty was offered to me. However, when I bought my previous headphones, no warranty was offered.
  • The materials that have been used to make these headphones are strong. With the proper maintenance that I provide to these headphones, they have been durable as this is my fifth year since I purchased them.

In conclusion, I have never regretted parting with my money to purchase this great product. No headphone set can even come a little bit close to my Sennheiser HD 598 headphones!

Main Characteristics of the Z-test, T-test, F-test, and other Pointers as it relates to ANOVAs and Chi-Square

Power ( Z-test )

A parametric test

-The probability of making a correct decision when Ho is false

-As the power of an experiment increases, the probability of making a   Type II error decreases

– Power + Beta = 1

Methods of increasing power:

– Increasing the size of effect for IV

– Increasing sample size

– Decrease variability

Sampling Distribution:

-A Distribution of all the possible values a statistic can take, along with the probability of getting each value if sampling is random from the null- hypothesis population



-It includes all of the possible values of a statistic

-It includes the frequency or probability of each value

Normal Deviate Test:

-The Z test applied to sample means


-Experiment involves a single sample of means

-Used when parameters of the Null Hypothesis Population are known

-Sampling distribution of the mean should be known and normally distributed

Conditions for use of Z Test:

-Single sample

– Mean and standard deviation are known

-Sampling distribution of mean is normally distributed or N > 30

Null-hypothesis Population:

-Actual or theoretical set of population scores that would result if the experiment were done on the entire population and the IV had no effect

Critical Region:

-The area under the curve that contains all the values of the statistic that allow rejection of Ho

Critical value:

-The value of the statistic that bounds the critical region

Single Sample t Test

-Less powerful than the z test

-Has more extreme values than the z test

-As df increases, t becomes more similar to z

-Analyzes raw scores

-Use t Test:

-The experiment has only one sample

-Mean is specified, but standard deviation is unknown

-Sampling distribution of the mean must be normal

-N > 30

-Sampling distribution of t:

-A probability distribution of the t values which would occur if all possible different samples of a fixed size N were drawn from the Null Hypothesis Population

-Characteristics of t Distributions:

-Family of curves

-Shaped similarly to z distributions if normally distributed or n > 30

Degrees of freedom (df):

-The number of scores that are free to vary

-The higher the df, the lower the critical value

Cohen’s d:

-Determines size of effect

-The larger the estimated d, the greater the size of effect

Confidence Interval:

-Range of values which probably contains the population mean

-The larger the interval, the more confidence we have that the interval contains the population mean

Correlated and Independent Groups T-test

-Analyzes difference scores

-A parametric test


-Sampling distribution must be normally distributed

Correlated Groups:

-Pairs of subjects matched on one or more characteristics

-Mean always = 0

-Advantageous when:

-High correlation between paired scores

-Low variability in difference scores and high variability in raw scores

Independent Measures (Repeated Measures):

-Used more often

-Each subject participates in both conditions

– Random sampling of subjects

– Random assignment

– Each subject tested only once

– Raw scores are analyzed

– t Test analyzes difference between sample means

-Sampling distribution of  x1 – x2  is normally distributed

-Homogeneity of variance

-Advantageous when:

-Experiments do not allow same subject to be used twice

-To increase the df

ANOVA (analysis of variance) – F test

-A parametric test

-Used to analyze data from experiments that use two or more groups or conditions

-Used instead of pairwise t tests in order to hold the probability of making a Type I error at alpha

-F test allows us to make one overall comparison that tells whether there is significant difference between the means of the groups

-ANOVA can be used for Independent Groups design or Repeated Measures design


-F is never negative

-F distribution is positively skewed

-With equal n’s, median F value equals one

-F distribution is a family of curves that varies with df

One-Way ANOVA:

– H1 is nondirectional

– H0 states that the different conditions are equally effective

– Assumes IV only affects the mean of the scores, not the variance


-Populations normally distributed

-Homogeneity of variance

-F is minimally affected by violations of population normality and  homogeneity of variance

-Size of effect:

-Eta squared

-Power of the ANOVA:

-Increasing sample size increases power

-The larger the real effect of the independent variable the higher the power is to detect a real effect

-The higher the sample variability, the lower the power to detect a real effect

Multiple Comparisons (Q statistic):

-Used when ANOVA is used on k > 2 groups

– Q statistics  (studentized range distributions)

-A priori or planned comparison:

-These comparisons are planned in advance

-Does not correct for higher probability of Type I error

-More powerful than post hoc tests

-A posteriori or post hoc comparisons:

-Maintain the Type I error rate at alpha

-ex: Q statistic

-Tukey HSD Test

Two-way ANOVA (analysis of variance):

-Allows us to evaluate the effect of two independent variables and the interaction between them


-Populations from which samples are drawn are normally distributed

-Homogeneity of variance

-As long as sample sizes are equal, ANOVA is robust to violations

Chi-Square and other Nonparametric Tests:


-ex: Z-test, T-test, F-test

-Generally more powerful and versatile

-Generally robust to violations

-Use parametric whenever possible

-Depend substantially on population characteristics


-ex: Chi-Square

-Depends minimally on population characteristics

-Distribution free tests

-Only use when you cannot use a parametric


– Used with nominal data (categories)

-Tests if the observed results differ significantly from the results expected if H0 were true

-Family of curves

-The larger the discrepancy between observed and expected results, the more  unreasonable that H0 is true


-Independence exists between each observation in the contingency table

-Sample size is large enough so that the expected frequency in each cell is at least 5

-If tables is 1×2 or 2×2 then expected frequency should be at least 10

-Chi-square can be used with any type of scaling

Contingency table:

-Shows contingency between two variables where the variables have been classified into mutually exclusive categories and the cell entries are frequencies

Beans Can Make You Humble Socially

gas and beansBeans have always been a good source of protein. Five years back I was invited for an executive job’s interview and I needed all the proteins I could get for the day. Indeed, I took beans prior to the interview.

As the sun rose that Monday morning, I woke up with a smile ready to pass the interview. My ward drop possessed a white trouser that was designer made for the day; you know those trousers with many plaits at the waist sliding down to a thin bottom? It was in fashion a few years back but designers do not make them anymore.

On my way to the interview, I got into some restaurant and ordered for beans and rice, just to keep myself energized through the entire interview. With a belch, I proceeded to the interview, got into the lift and pressed the eighth floor button. As the lift swiftly soured up it stopped on several levels with several humans entering and leaving. At some floor, a certain beautiful girl got in.

She had long curly and dark hair, with a smooth skin that could slide a fly. She turned and looked at me, I suddenly noticed she is the girl I used to date back in high school. After a few difficult orientations, her memory became clear and she remembered me. She dropped the files she was carrying and gave me a huge hug to the amazement of the other passengers in the elevator. She rolled her thick hair around my neck and tightly held her arms around my chest, it was a sexy feeling and soon I was in the clouds. Suddenly, the old man under my pants began to rise. The hug was over and as we engaged in the conversation the shameless old man refused to simmer down, in fact, the more she spoke the more the old man increased. He got too large that you could count the number of plaits on my old fashioned white designer trouser, the fly zip turned inside out and all the passengers in the lift became uneasy. It was then that the beans I had had began to take effect. I had a bad feeling in my bowels and the stomach rumbled, it sounded like thunder.

Everybody turned and gave me a snarl look and soon everybody was leaving the elevator a floor lower than their destination.

Now my girl also became quite uncomfortable with me and decided she was getting out on the next floor. Before the lift got to the eighth floor a light fart ensued from my bottoms, it had a smell close to sulfur or some dead carcass. This was too much for me, suddenly all the passengers highlighted on the next floor leaving me alone looking very red with embarrassment.

I got out of the lift and headed for my interview, casting all my lift experiences away and ready to face the interviewer. I was ushered into a large well-furnished panel room and I waited.

Later my high school girlfriend that I met in the elevator was actually my interviewer, although the session was interrupted by frequent fart releases I managed to convince the lady that I was the best fit for the job. Well, I got the job and buried my interview experience in the sand.

It was fine until the other day when we did not get along with my boss and he mentioned that I got the job due to the ‘beans factor’ and that the girl was in a hurry to sum up the interview in an effort to catch fresh air. Then it dawned on me that the entire office, all along, knew of how I got the job and I have learned to be humble and submissive ever since.

When Thieves Broke Into My Home

burgular at night


It was around midnight and everybody in the family was fast asleep except me; I was still busy in my room reading…actually cramming in preparation for exams. I could not believe my ears when I heard a low voice whisper outside. I was terribly frightened. “Did I really hear anything?” I asked myself in disbelief. “Or was it an illusion!” I tiptoed to the window, cocked my ears and held my breath. I did not hear anything, even the wind was still. In and outside the house was frightfully quiet. I might have imagined the voices, I thought.I was about to move the curtain in order to peer outside and good heavens! Someone was knocking commandingly at the door. “Open the door!!” thundered a voice. “Else we will come in with it!” I was pretty sure that whoever was making the demand could carry on with their threat any moment; even so I could not dare to go and open the door since doing is embracing a calamity.

It was pitch dark and I did not dare to light even the lamp. I thought it could attract their attention. Before I could decide on any course of action, they had started breaking the door. The noises from the door awakened my parents. I heard footsteps moving towards the door being broken: it was Daddy’s. I opened the door of my room to confirm. My father was holding a dagger and my mother was behind him. Before they could reach the door, it swung open breaking into pieces. Four men armed with rifles entered swiftly. One man pointed rifle at my father, another one was pointed at my mother. “Try anything silly and you will be past tense in a second!” warned one of the burglars. My mother broke into screams. “Take care of her!” came an order from the same person who warned my parents not to try anything silly.

One of the four men hit mum on the back near her neck. She collapsed and feinted. My eyes were flowing with tears, but I could not make any noise. “These men are callous killers,” I thought. “God help me think a way out of this turmoil.” The men surrounded my dad, interrogating him. Meanwhile I tiptoed to my parents’ bedroom, grabbed the phone and got under the bed. I dialed 999 with my trembling fingers and gave out the nature of the situation to the authorities. I then climbed under the rooftop to be hidden by the ceilings. What I could hear were heavy footsteps moving from one room to the other: they were searching for something. About 6 minutes later I heard the police sirens. I heard the loudspeaker, “Police!… lay down your weapons and come out with your hands in the air!” What followed next was heavy exchange of fire. After three minutes of fight, the thieves were overpowered by the police. When the gun fire died I climbed down the ceiling. One of the four was killed in the course of fire exchange while the others sustained serious bullet wounds. Mum had been taken by an ambulance to the hospital. The burglars who were still alive were taken to the hospital under police watch.



My Personal Take on Flowers of Algernon

Flowers of algernon the bookYears ago in primary school, I had to read the popular short story “Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes. I’ve always liked thinking about what I would do if I were in the same position of the main character of a story. A warning! There are major MAJOR spoilers contained in my review.

Initially, the decision Charlie had to make was an extremely challenging and dangerous one. That decision was going to change his life drastically, and it did. The following weeks showed a big difference in Charlie. The operation was successful, but not permanent. If I was Charlie and I knew that the operation wouldn’t have been permanent I would have still gone through with the operation.

Some background, Charlie had a difficult life. He was constantly ridiculed for his simplistic IQ (I wasn’t always the sharpest knife in the drawer either) although he didn’t realize it. Charlie was constantly taken advantage of, but still had no knowledge of it. I would have liked to have been aware of what was going on. The surgery changed Charlie and made him aware of the abuse he was subjected to. I would have had the surgery if it made me aware of what was going on and how to stop it.

Moreover, the operation changed Charlie completely. He was now smart, and all the people who knew him acted differently towards him. They treated him like a freak, they rejected him, and they excommunicated him. Charlie was more alone than before, but it also made him awake to how people really are. I think that being alone is better than being taken advantage of. If people take advantage of you then they aren’t really your friends, but that wasn’t the case with Charlie. After the surgery his IQ started to regress. He became stupid again, but his co-workers proved themselves to be really good friends by standing up for Charlie. I would have gone through the surgery if it showed me how to really look at the world.

Consequentially, the operation had failed in the long-term. Charlie’s intelligence had worn off. He was regressing to a primal stage. He had become aggressive, and solitary. Algernon had died after the same had happened to him, and maybe Charlie was next. I would have still gone through with the procedure knowing that this would happen to me, because “it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all” as the poets say. It would have been worth the sacrifice to have looked at the world in a completely different way and to feel like everybody else, and not like a freak that gets weird looks from everybody that passes him.

In conclusion, the surgery had its pros and cons, but the pros definitively outweighed the cons. The greater intelligence, and the understanding of the world around you. Not feeling like such an outsider, being normal for once in your life. Charlie went through the surgery, and I don’t think he regretted it. If I were in his place I’m sure I would have done the same.